Through a professional photography of your event or your conference, you can show to your audience, the impact your business has, in the business niche you operate.

A professional coverage of your event will give you high resolution photos that you will find quite useful for press releases as well as for your social media.

With years of experience in this field, our photography team is ready to provide you with a wide range of services such as photography for, special events, grand openings, presentation, parties and night events.

Our goal is to capture every important moment of your event providing you with quality photos and prompt delivery.



We create corporate videos that fully correspond to the image and values of your company. We have specialized staff throughout the production phase. We design the style and structure of the video based on your aesthetics and goals.

The production phase follows, where the shooting or composition (in case no shooting is required) of the images takes place. Our experienced editors make the final touches (color corrections, adding effects and graphics, sound mixing) and transcribe the corporate video in the appropriate means for its distribution.



Video with aerial video recording (video drone shots), ground and underwater shots for hotels, municipalities, regions and businesses. The shooting for the videos is done with professional multicopter drones and digital cameras with high resolution cameras.

Aerial photography and videography are by far the most impressive way to present your work or event.

Apart from being impressive, it is also extremely useful to be able to present the progress of a project, having secured aerial shots at different phases of the project. From the renovation of a municipal square to the progress of construction works of the road network of a municipality.

Among other things, the coverage of sports and cultural events such as road races, concerts, social responsibility activities, are just some of the examples of events and activities that are worth having air coverage.

Many are also the services that we offer to contracting Construction Companies, Public / Private Organizations and Businesses for the promotion of their projects to the citizens, or to their interested clients.

Our fleet of partners consists of state-of-the-art drones that use up to date equipment in order to complete each mission!