Today’s era is characterized by the particularly great development and
use of the science of technology. The use of new and advanced technologies offers significant advantages but it also increases exponentially the risks that Information Systems may encounter.

For this reason, it is extremely important, for every modern business, to take the appropriate measures, in order to ensure their smooth operation, through the design and development of secure policies in information systems.
Most IoT devices are easy to hack by malicious users, who have the ultimate goal to reveal sensitive data or use the hacked devices as IoT botnets. Due to the fact that the data exchanged by the devices may contain information of private nature, the protection of their integrity, confidentiality and availability is a priority issue that should not be ignored.

Our company will help you apply specialized techniques and methods, used to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information managed by your information systems, as well as the systems themselves.



Our daily life is interconnected almost exclusively with internet. All systems, both personal and professional, are interconnected using LAN and WAN networks.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the IT technologies that enable the interconnection of our physical world with the world of information systems. By adopting these technologies we can now design smart devices for smart homes and smart cities, thus opening up an unprecedented dynamic of innovative systems development, with billions of connected devices to date.

Typically, IoT devices are limited in computing, storage, and network connectivity and are therefore more vulnerable to attacks to devices with higher computing capabilities, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers.



The new order of things imposes the use of cloud services. From wherever we are, we can find anything we need through the cloud at any time, even working from home is as if we were in the office.

Cloud is a technology that offers the ability to store any form of information in Data Centers or Server Farms. The advantages of using the cloud are:

  • Capacity: When storing material in the Cloud the capacity is unlimited and there is minimal use of other storage materials. This saves power on your computer and you do not waste its memory.
  • Ease of use: You do not need to carry USB, hard drives and other storage devices as long as you only have internet access so you can manage your applications and files from any smartphone, tablet, pc device anytime and anywhere .
  • Updates: Cloud applications have the advantage of regular updates that all their users receive
  • Security: Cloud companies such as BRUMHILL have the infrastructure and know-how to ensure the absolute security of your data.
  • Cost: The user pays in proportion to the use of the cloud service he does and the storage space he uses.
  • Reliability: Cloud hosted services work smoothly in 99.99% of cases.

Utilizing Cloud services you will have the security offered by a large and reliable company for your valuable data without worrying about whether the anti-virus software or firewall you have on your computer will be sufficient to protect your files.