Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 and today is largest software product development and manufacturing company in people. Microsoft’s mission is to help every person, business and organization, to maximize its capabilities, through utilizing technology by providing products and services utilized in almost all professional, educational and personal activities. By creating a Microsoft account you can manage everything from one place. Watch your subscriptions and your order history, organize digital life your company, update your privacy settings data and security and monitor proper operation and the security of your devices
Synology Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of NAS servers and systems for individuals, small and large companies. The DSM operating system has been developed by Synology itself and is based on Linux with many award-winning assets. Our journey with Synology started at the end of 2014 taking a big risk initially but finally our choice was justified. With many and large facilities he is one of our main partners.


It is one of the largest manufacturers of next generation UTM Firewall with over 20 years of experience. Specializes in Network and Endpoint Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Secure Cloud WiFi, and Network Intelligence with products and services. Starting from very simple implementations with two users up to complex High Availability (active / passive cluster)
World leader in Network Antivirus, Content Security, Threat Management and Cloud Security. Offers Antivirus, Antispam, URL / Content Filtering, Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Security solutions. With Trend Micro services you can optimize your security against cyber attacks (Cyber Risk) by identifying risks throughout your network thus increasing the value for your business and reducing costs. What every business needs today is a global cyber security strategy that degrades and denies the freedom of movement of cyber “criminals”.


Asterisk is an open source software for building applications communication. Used by small, large businesses businesses, call centers, agencies and government agencies, in Worldwide. Asterisk is free software (open source.) Asterisk can become the basis for a complete telephone system business, or be used to enhance or expand one existing system, or bridge the gap between systems. GS Wave
GS Wave